Follow up

Podcast Players

I thought I’d do some follow up from this weeks show and talk a little about podcast player choices and what I would recommend using.

It starts with what you are using to listen to your podcast. I use iOS, and the stock podcast player there is Apple’s aptly titled Podcasts. It works fine. A better podcast player in my opinion is Overcast, and that one only works on iOS.

If you are on android then you can use Google Podcasts, but I’m not a fan of giving up even more of my personal info to Google than I need to. That one also happens to work on iOS. On Android I would recommend using Pocket Casts. This one also has an iOS version. Pocket Casts gives you some options similar to Overcast in that you have controls that let you trim silences, vary the speed to as much as 3x faster than normal, volume boost, and other controls. The variable speed is my favorite feature for a podcast player to have because you can listen to more content than you normally would. It saves you time, and that is priceless. Pocket Casts is also connected to Apple’s library of Podcasts, which is the largest out there, so you will not have any trouble finding your favorite podcast.

There are other options, but I’ll keep this simple. Pick one that makes sense for you and start listening to topics that are important to you.

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